Online Shopping Cart System .Net Project


Online Shopping Cart System is a  web based shopping system for an existing shop. This project delivers the online shopping application. Shopping cart is the process where users can directly buy goods in real-time. Users can buy products without an intermediary service on the Internet. This project is a form of e-commerce. Selected products can be added to the cart. Products added to cart can be purchased later also. Thus the customer will get the service of online shopping and home delivery from his favorite shop

Existing System:

In the existing system users should visit the shop manually and from the available product choose the item customer want and buying the item by payment of the price of the item. It is less user-friendly. User must go to shop and select products. It is difficult to identify the required product. Description of the product is limited. It is a time consuming process. this application is not in reach of distant users.

Proposed System:

In the proposed Online Shopping Cart System customer need not go to the shop for buying the products. He can order the product he wish to buy through the application in his Smartphone. The shop owner will be admin of the system. Shop owner can appoint moderators who will help owner in managing the customers and product orders. The system also recommends a home delivery system for the purchased products.



Administrator is the super user of the application. Only admin have access into this admin page. Administrator has all the information about all the users and about all products. Admin can view dash board, can add category, manage category, add sub category, add product and add testimonial.


New users can register in the system by providing essential details in order to view the products in the system. The admin must accept a new user by unblocking him. User must login with his user name and password to the system after registration. User can view the list of products based on their names after successful login. A detailed description of a particular product with product name, products details, product image, price can be viewed by users. The user can add the desired product into his cart by clicking add to cart option on the product.


Our Online Shopping Cart System project shopping cart system has successfully provided customers a real shop. This project is to make this users purchase items online. A complete and efficient web application which can provide by our application.

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