College Information System .Net Project


College information system provides information about the colleges. This will be helpful to people to search their appropriate college and  build their carrier in a right way. This project maintains a web site which is developed for the people who are looking for their right colleges and pursuing their respective courses info. All the information can be retrieved from their location so that they can consume their valuable time by not roaming and contacting with other colleges.

Existing System:

In the existing system details are done through manual records. These records are entered in manual process. This process takes lot of  time, separate workers need to maintaining the databases. All the college details are stored via separate databases. It will take long time due to this process time waste, money waste. Difficult to maintain the fees and accounting reports of college in proper way.

Proposed System:

The proposed system provides a user friendly interface. This system computerizes all the details of colleges . Large volumes of data can be stored with case. Maintenance of file is flexible. Records stored are updated now and then. Stored data and procedures can be easily edited. Reports can be generated with case. Accurate calculations are made. Less manpower require.



Admin gets login by valid username and password. Admin can add college details ,course details, faculty details, subject details and fee details. Admin verifies the registration details and provide answers.


Registered members can get login by entering the username and password. New users can  registered by entering the details in the registration form. After getting login uses can view the list of colleges with a select button. Users can view the details of the selected college.Users can give the feedback to the website by entering the name and email id. User can view all the details by selecting the university and college.


Our project is successful in providing an easy way  to know the information about colleges .our project  automates all the functionalities of a college, and also provides full functional reports to top management of college with the finest of details about any aspect of college.

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