City Needs Job and Classified Portal Project in Asp.Net

City Needs a Job and Classified Portal Project in Asp.Net , developed by a team of people located across kolkata is focused on providing quality service and / or information which would help fresh graduates, students, home owners, buyers, sellers and every Indian in his/her day to day needs. City Needs aims to build a great community of Indians located across the globe in helping each other live better lives.

City Needs Job and Classified Portal Project


          The default database is used to create the following tables, which are needed to store the huge data to make the site function properly. The tables are AD POSTING1, Category_Master, City_Master, Event Posting, and Sub Category_Master The user interface is through a user-friendly graphical interface which is visually appealing and also soothing for eyes. 

 Job and Classified Portal Project  Product Function:

          The site provides following types of functions: 

  • Function through which client can upload advertisements and / or events of various category. 
  • Function through which the normal user view different kinds of advertisement from a huge range of advertisements as there choice. 
  • Function through which a user can post events. 
  • Function through which administrator view and can control total things. 


          Sony’s in house staffs and buyers are the main user of this system and must have some familiarization with computer to operate this type of automated system.  The in house staffs will also be trained to use the system properly and efficiently. 


          The unregistered users only able to view different products, but once they register themselves they are able to use the cart to buy product as well as communicate with the administrator regarding their problems. An administrator has all the privilege, so he or she has all the rights to function every sort of works they need. 

Future Scope:

  • At present there is a four-point rating scale to define the complexity of a project. This rating scale can change over a period of time and the proposed system should be able to capture a new rating scale at a future instance. 
  • The attribute of Competence currently is defined over a 4 point rating scale. This could also undergo change in the future. 
  • The interfaces will be much more user friendly and visually appealing. 
  • At present the manner in which the modules are identified and defined is a technical process and beyond the scope of this project.  In future this feature will also be included, so the project manager can able to break down the project easily. 
  • Help pages will be much more informative.

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