Software Developers Web Portal Project in Asp.Net

Software Developers Project is a web portal which is place for software developers to meet at single place and develop applications and find coders under different platform with a friendly environment.  Buyers who are looking for software developers can find registered developers and hire them for developing applications from different parts of the country. 

Software Developers Web Portal Project

With this web platform developers and buyers can benefit to get best resources in short time. Buyers can select coders and hire them and pay amount through online process which will reduce cost for product development compare to existing procedure. Coders can take projects and work from home rather then visiting company.

            In present trend use of web applications are playing important role in providing service for users with out any issues related to area and location. This project main idea is to provide platform for small business persons who are looking to develop applications for their offices or business purpose. Normally they cannot contact big companies to develop small projects with this platform they can contact coders and complete their work.

Proposed System

  • Software programmers and business personals can interact with each other.
  • Easy to find developers for small projects and complete work in short time with less cost.
  • Scope of reaching maximum number of clients who are located at different parts of the world.

Software Developers Web Portal Modules:


Admin will look after registration process of buyers and coders and do their work on website. If  they are not active for long time their accounts will be deleted from database.


Coders will register with application and update his profile with technical skills. Coder will have option to bid project and time to complete project. When coder bid is accepted by client he can start work and get money for project development.


Buyer will post project requirements and provide bid option for coders and respond to bidding process and allot work to coders and give payment after project is completed.

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