MCA Project Report on IT Job Portal

Introduction to Project Report on IT Job Portal:

The objective of the Project is to develop my skills in e- commerce by applying ASP.Net programming language. The Project aims to both the employer and the job seeker become benefited. The employer is our Client.

The client can develop the business by using this application software. The client can become global and able to search the best suited candidate for them. The Portal enhances the job search. The job seeker is able to take the forms. 

The existing system doesn’t have facility for the job consultancy or company to select candidate. Also it does not provide the mobile alerts to the candidates who are registered with them. 

The Proposed System 

The job seeker has to enroll in the portal which leads to register them and let them see the jobs. The system provides the facility to upload MS word or pdf. Format resume which can be regularly update and see by the employer. The job seeker can upload the photograph. 

The portal lets the candidate to search the job by the Company name, by the job location, and by the position applied. They can apply the job online. 

The job seeker can edit and see the account information. The job seeker regularly able to update the profile, skill etc. The job seeker can send an email directly to the company.

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