Cell Phone Virus and Security Seminar Documentation

Introduction to Cell Phone Virus and Security Seminar Topic:

Today as the technology is growing the virus is also growing. As the use of cell phones increasing the use of application to secure data is also increased but it can be in fact by the virus. Cell phone virus is same as the computer virus. Computer virus is spread through e-mails attachments and mobile virus spread though Bluetooth attachments. Mobile virus also spread through downloading from internet.

Spreading of virus: – Only Smartphone with Bluetooth and data transfer capabilities can receive virus. Internet is also one of the causes for spreading virus in cell phones. Bluetooth wireless connection and multimedia can also affect the phone through file sharing. GPS technology can cause much large scale of virus infection

The first cell phone virus is Cabir and all its coding was done in Symbian operating system. The second virus was COMWAR and it came into existence through MMS. CARD TRAP was a malware virus and it affects the cell phone by jumping from infected cell phone into target computer. DUTS was the file infector virus and it is known for pocket pc. A SKULL was a type torjon horse virus and replaces all desktop icons with image and it has a .sis extension.

Protective Measure: – The protection from virus can be done in two phases one is network layer security and second is system level security. Network security is used to secure mobile from sms or internet virus and system security keeps the cell phone memory clean. Virus can delete personal data from mobile and can transfer to another mobile.

Conclusion: – Cell phone virus is same like a computer virus never open anything if you don’t know about it. Don’t give a chance to install a virus in your mobile and please keep your Bluetooth turn off. Keep checking your security updates to know about virus.

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