Technical Seminar Reports For CSE on Cell Phone Virus attack

Introduction to   Cell Phone Virus attack Technical Seminar Topic:

There are many similarities between cell phone and computer. Now a day the demand of cell phone is increasing very much therefore rate of mobile is also increasing. Many new technology is becoming in cell phones which support java and windows therefore virus in cell phone become easy through mp3 files or by Bluetooth or by anything else. Mobile viruses are which are WAP enabled. Viruses in computer are five years earlier but mobile viruses are new. WAP enabled cell phones can access variety of services, more application were added then simple text passing to each other.

WAP security:-In older to protect cell phones from viruses sever have ensured that more authentication will be given to user data and services but still there are many issues related to surety which are too resolved. The first type of security in cell phones is gate way security, it scans the script and detects the malicious code and removes it before it comes to user devices.

PC virus VS Cell phone Virus: – There are many similarities between cell phone and PC’s. In pc virus spread through e-mails or through internet. Similarly viruses in cell phone came though Bluetooth or through sending message to one another. The introduction of java and other languages will affect the security and reliability.

How cell phone Virus came into market:-The first virus came into market with a mobile phone running on Symbian operating system as game Mosquitoes calling itself as Masquitos2 which sends message to phone number present in the cell phone. Motive to create virus is that they want to show that they are the first to create virus for that platform or to get user attention. A virus may affect the phone by making calls or sending message, accessing or modifying phone book data.

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