Cloud Computing BE Project Case Study Approach

Case study chosen

One of the best method to gather the required information or data is the case study approach diagonally towards the qualitative research methodology by the time only when the sample size is less. The solution which is required for the research problem could be recognized in the great approach which is towards the case study and the individuals who are included with in the process of the research and are investigated by the main aim to gather the direct data and the questions asked by those individuals are been answered in an efficient manner to gather the information which is required from them.

There are several number of benefits from this specific case study approach and the most significant one among these benefits is that the source of the data which is collected is direct as well as the information collected will be more and more perfect and trustworthy while compared with the other resources. In order to gather the information which is required to solve the research problem is the simple or general case study which could be used as the best approach and the result or clarification of the problem is been connected with the case study.

In order to conduct a research work on the particular topic the individual who acts as a research should be capable of having the required knowledge on the case studies  of the research as well these case studies should be in a way that they should effort little hard work and it should be capable of solving the problems with in the process of research then only this specific study could be referred as the best source for the primary information which is related to the qualitative research methodology.

Generally the case studies could be of different types such as the individual, organization, the in particular situations which are related to collect the data by approaching the equivalent case could be referred as the best within the quality because there is a direct contact with the case and the answer to the problem which happened with in the process of research could be identified through the actual observations as well as the significant reasons towards the case studies considered. 

Case study approach is chosen in this project and following companies are considered as the case study and the required primary information required to proceed with this research is gathered from interviewing the key respondents involved in the case studies. 

The key information for this research is gathered from these companies and the questionnaire prepared is escalated to these companies to gather the required primary source of information and the information gathered is a analyzed further. All these companies are implementing the cloud computing services and have some issues with the data security and I will gather their solutions in place and future recommendations to make the data security more affective across the cloud computing operations. 

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