Seminar Report on Computer Virus

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Computer Virus:

A computer is a program that is capable of copying itself and can harm the system and can spread from one computer to another through network without knowing to anyone. They can be spread by attaching itself with some program and can inflect the system. They are capable of hiding themselves from antivirus.

E-mail plays a major role in spreading virus in computers. These had spread so much that are started affecting the mobile phone also. First virus was developed in Pakistan. In computers they perform unwanted task. Viruses are written in a particular programming language. This type of viruses have many side effects, they can deny access to the system. They can send fake message. They have ability of corrupting data and deleting data.

Viruses program: – There are many viruses like program which can affect the system, they do the all the hidden process without knowing the user about it. Another is backdoor Trojan which allows the user to take control of another computer via internet. Worms are another type of viruses which spreads by copying itself. Boot sector virus was the first virus to be developing that effects the boot sector of the hard drive.

Parasitic virus, which is also called file virus and have the ability to attach themselves with the program. These types of viruses’ effect the system by companionship, by linking, by overwriting, by inserting by prep-ending and by appending.Another is macro virus that comes in a document and has the ability of copying and spreading itself. And the last one is hoaxes, which is sent over the e-mail to Vitim computers. It also avoid us to not to read our e-mails and it is very destructive one. It is undetectable as they spread through e-mails.

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