CSE Seminar on Virus and Anti Virus

Introduction to Seminar on Virus and Anti Virus:

Viruses are a program that destroys the important data of the computer. It is executable file which is designed in such a way that has the ability to replicating itself and cannot be detected. The first virus was created in mid eighties to affect the boot sector of the computer called brain virus. Today in a world three are thousands of viruses. The program which protects our data from these viruses is called antivirus. Viruses gain the control of the computer and can destroy everything on the computer. There are various type of viruses are there.

File program virus: – Some viruses are attached with the program and when installed they get into the memory and can affect the system.

Boot sector virus: – This is the viruses that are created without much difficulty and can affect the boot sector of any hard disk or floppy drive.

Multipartite viruses: – These viruses are the hybrid of boot and file program viruses.

Stealth viruses: – These viruses are capable of hiding themselves.

Polymorphic viruses: – They have the ability to change the code each time it spreads and very difficult of detect.

Macro viruses: – It is a document type of executable file. It has the ability to copy itself.

Antivirus: – It is program that protects our system from any virus to get infected. It follows three steps for preventing a system that are detection, in which it detects a virus. Second is identify, in which it identified the infected program and the third is removing, in which it removes all the viruses from the system.  It scans all the memory of the system including boot sector of the system and keep track of all the files and removes unwanted programs that is virus. While the system is running it keeps on monitoring the whole system.

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