Seminar Topic on Information Security

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Information Security:

The overview of the security

One of the significant tasks of the information security is securing the secrecy, the reliability as well as the presence of the different types of the assets related to the information along with the different activities which will show the affect on the aspects of information called threats.

There is a strong reason for the existence of the threats it is because of the presence of the more number of weaknesses or vulnerabilities within the information. A special type of framework called DID- the defense in depth is the framework used to overcome the attacks and threats and there are two specific reasons for considering these approach such as : 

  • In general there is not even a single device which can be utilized for the purpose of the networked storage which are capable of securing the networked storage
  • By associating the different types of the functions related to the security will offer the flexible security for the devices of the NAS as well as the SAN and it implemented by considering the different types of the vulnerabilities included in them

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