Business Risks Of Cloud Computing

Business risks of cloud computing 

Apart from the advantages provided by the cloud computing, there are several of types of risks associated with the cloud computing and the most important among them are the business risks. In general cloud computing provides a lot of business opportunities and at the same time it has some risks associated with and most of the organizations are striving a lot to get rid of these risks and following are few identified business risks associated with cloud computing. 

  • Operational risks
  • Technical risks
  • Commercial risks
  • Legal risks

Even there is more specific business risks associated with cloud computing and the important among them are listed above. The type of risks associated with cloud computing can also be explained with reference to the type of cloud being used across the business and in general the risks are associated with different types like private cloud and public cloud and the detailed explain of the risk associated with these types of cloud across the business of most of the organizations is as given below. Different types of clouds like  private clouds, public clouds, hybrid clouds and community clouds comes with their own risks to the corresponding business and the actual level of impact on the business is reviewed as below.

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