What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing has become the buzzword of the industry. The Cloud computing technology is conglomerate of various other concepts and technologies which has evolved over years. The cloud computing now has provided a new way of looking at IT infrastructure and data computing 

Realizing the potentials of this new upcoming computing architecture/technology which was christened as “Cloud Computing” by Jim Goodnight, CEO of SAS, in it is a huge asks. It has many advantages in store including low-maintenance, low cost, energy-efficient, flexible,user friendly, security and features like Virtualization and On-Demand Computing which allows users to access resources as they need them and a feel of working on a super-computer.

Being so close and yet so far, shifting over to this logically centralized and physically distributed Cluster computer Network will make our process even more robust, reliable and secure. With all the paraphernalia’s available for this paradigm shift, the question is WHY NOT? 

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