Basics of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing industry is the one which is going to propel forward with an increased momentum in near future. SaaS, Software as a Service type of cloud computing delivers a single application through the browser to thousands of customers using a multi-tenant architecture.

–      Highlights:

  • Minimum capital expenditure that encourages more new entrepreneurs, as everything is managed in the cloud and one doesn’t need to build offices, distribution centers, data centers etc
  • Optimal utilization of resources, globally. That domino effect global warming.
  • Paying for a resource or a service only for the instance one uses it, instead of owning an infrastructure. Software as a Service.
  • The Catalytic effect of using Cloud Computing (Lesser life cycle time from requirements to deployment. Customer will be able to see finished product much earlier when Cloud Computing is used than in traditional implementations)
  • Challenges involved

–      Key differentiation/creativity brought out/intended:

  • Development environments can be on clouds, by reducing cost at-least by 20%
  • Perfect globalization

–      Immediate account / customer / market need

  • Carbon Accounting Tool
  • Reduction of Operational Costs

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