Risks associated with cloud computing

Risks associated with cloud computing 

There are many hidden security threats across the third party adoption for the data security and most of the companies are losing their information with the public access through the third party websites and, if the data is lost it can’t be restored effectively if the data is maintained by the third parties and thus most of the companies are doesn’t prefer these third parties to ensure more security to their data.

Most of the service providers maintain all the encrypted data of two or more companies on the same disk and thus there could be lot chances that end up with data segregation. If the service providers can maintain a separate data block to store the data of the individual organizations, then this problem can be solved to some extent.

There could be chances of service provider downtimes and in those cases, the clients should be connected to their respective data all the time and even the service providers should not involve the third parties during the downtime of the actual servers to recover the data and if this is the case, the third parties will hack the data of the organizations and it has happened many times with the famous cloud service providers.

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