Cloud Computing Projects for Final Year Students

This category consists of cloud computing final year projects list and cloud computing project abstract. Here you can get cloud computing related project list for college students. You can download cloud computing ppts for free of cost.

Here you can download cloud computing project abstracts and contact us through mail for getting this project for less cost. 

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  1. i need project on cloud computing platform bases a privacy preserving remote data itegrity checking protocol with dtadynamics &public verifybility

  2. i want project report of fuzzy keyword search over encrypted data in cloud computing.. plz mail me intial report which contains SRS,design,DFD etc its urgent

  3. I need a project that performs software as a service(image,audio,video playing in browser without plugin like silverlight) and its an secure transfer too.pls let me know the overall software requirements

  4. i want some project on cloud computing based on cloud openstack .if u have some project details about tis plz send to my mail address

  5. i want cloud computing based on security.. plz post if yo have..
    i need dat for our projct… i didnt get any clear info related dat so plz post dat…

  6. hi… pls send me final year project topics with abstract based on cloud computing,networking.. i need immediately..pls send to my mail id.. A valued toipcs with abstract…

  7. plz send me final year project on cloud computing….i need urgently and plz send as soon as possible ….thanku

  8. How are make in cloude system in java api (application programing interface ) when using in upload file and show view code in msoffice file and pdf file is show in online.with webboser and cloud service with using in folling code in saas,paas,and iaas.?
    please sir and medm help me.

  9. I need all the assistance I can get.

    Am working towards a Masters’ in Information Technology Cloud Computing project titled:


  10. I need ” COmparision between g drive, skydrive,dropbox, box project in HTML page with live action & background performance (means uploading time, synchronizing time…..)

  11. I am planning for a cloud computing project. Please send me the projects list. If interested in any project, ready to pay.

  12. i need a project on cloud computing based topics for final year project can you send me cloud computing list plzzzzz

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