Business Development Managers on Cloud Computing Services

When the business development managers are asked the question like, how do you rate the cloud services implemented across your organization, one of the managers replied that “We have a good service provider for the cloud computing services and there no major issues with them”.

From this statement it is clear that the level of implementations across the cloud computing services purely depends on the service providers and in general the service provider should be trusted against the their quality of services being provided to the customers. One of the business development managers replied to the same question like “Our organization is maintaining all the key information of all the departments and products across our applications and we trust out service providers in this context and they are good as of now”.

From his opinion it is very clear that, the level of trust between the service provider and the vendor should be in the top standards such that the cloud services implemented across any organization would be on the top standards. When the same question is asked to one of the managers, he replied that “We are happy with the cloud services and they are few issues related to security and reliability initially and I think most of them are solved now”. 

It can be observed from this statement that, if the required level of reliability and security are not provided by the service providers of cloud computing, it would finally lead to lot of issues across the organization and the key among them are the security issues. One of the business development managers replied to the same question like, “Security is the main concern we use to rate the service provided against the cloud providers” and from this statement it indicates that, if security is not at the required levels, the organizations are not willing to take risks by adopting the cloud services irrespective of the list of advantages available with cloud computing. 

One of the managers responded to this question like “I can’t rate the services implemented across our organization, as there are common issues faced and reviewed every business meetings and we are looking for a better alternative.” From this statement it is clear the overall business value and integrity is affected a lot due to the security issues and most of the organizations are losing the trust on the service providers for cloud computing if they can’t ensure the data security for the organizations. 

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