Impact of Cloud Computing on Business Value

In this section, the actual impact of cloud computing on overall business value of the organization is analyzed from the key findings based on the opinion of the business development managers and they are as follows. When the managers were asked the question like, how does the cloud computing affect the business value, one of the managers replied like “Always the business value is enhanced with the proper implementation cloud services and more customers can be gained with this”.

From this statement it is clear that if the cloud computing services are implemented on a good scale and with good quality, the overall business value is increased and even the organizations can gain more customers and users. One of the business development managers replied that “Cloud computing services offer us a great opportunity to save time and money in many aspects and we simply login to internet to use the required services”.

From this opinion it is clear that if the organizations need to maintain any information related to them, they prefer cloud computing and consider that it is the optimal way of providing the information to the customers both in the terms of money and time. One of the business development managers replied to the same question like “With the implementation of cloud computing, lot of infrastructure and hardware can be saved, where our service providers will look after that” and from this statement it is very clear that always the business development managers are intended to save the time and money against the business requirements.

As per his opinion it can be understood that lot of hardware and infrastructure requirements can be saved with the cloud computing as the actual service provider will take care of all these things. One of the business managers replied to the same question like “All our applications are customized with the cloud services and we need not employ new manpower for the customization process”.

This statement can be understood in the way that, if the cloud services are properly utilized, then the customization of the existing applications can be done very easily without any external efforts towards this implementation. When the same question is asked to one of the business development managers, he replied that “Our business has taken new forms with the mobilization facility provided by the cloud computing services” and from his opinion it is clear, if any organization can employ the cloud services, their information and services can be deployed on a remote location or a remote device very easily and thus their overall business value is enhanced in this way. 

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  1. Yes i agree that cloud computing will save costs for businesses. Moreover i think there is mobilization and greater scalability. I have been reading blogs and watching videos on cloud computing and have been surprised how its becoming the big thing now. Recently I came across this Cloud ecosystem Hub recently which enables easy monitoring of Cloud resource usage and optimizes utilization & provides consolidated metering and billing thereby enabling service charge-backs. Which i think is very useful for Businesses

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