Brain Machine Interface Seminar Report

Introduction to Brain Machine Interface Seminar Topic:

This is a technique that allows human to control their computer by just their thoughts. We do not require moving our muscle for using computer. This all happen due to brain as it is most complex organ of the body.

Electroencephalography:This technique works electrical signals produce by the brain. Brains have millions of neurons that produce signals of different frequency and range. This system identifies the signals of human brain and works accordingly. They are also called EEG signals.  This system consists of small electrodes that record the signals from body.  BMI technology can detect what you are thinking.

For constructing BMI several hardware and software are required that can record the brain waves. This device consists of array of micro electrodes. Theses electrodes conduct electricity. These electrodes are packed into bio-material case like Teflon. This device is dipped in the polyethylene so as to make the device little hard so that it can be implanted easily.

Feedback: it doesnot have any effect on learning and for control. It improves the performance of the system. It control the error generated during the processing.

Spike detection: this is a very important requirement to build the BMI. They only process action waveform rather than sparse wave form. They also reduce the work load on the systems. They use application-specific implantable circuit that transmits the important neural signals.

Advantages: it is very helpful for the people who are not capable of moving. It provides more advanced life to the user.

Disadvantages: connecting to the brain can lead the brain to destroy the brain the permanently. It system is attacked by the virus it may lead to the brain and cause illness. It increases the working capability of the systems, such that systems can work on multiple inputs. 

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