Data Security and Reliability with Cloud Computing Integration

Cloud Computing Integration for Business

Among the lot of services provided by the cloud computing service providers, data storage is the crucial one. In general the data storage facility is handled by the third party service providers and they provide multiple storage servers to the store the data of the clients and the end users. Data storage refers to the storing the client data at the off site location and remote access is provided to the clients to their data and all the required operations are done with respect to their database at the remote location. This is a good implementation provided by the cloud computing service providers, but there is some key security issues embedded with this type of implementation. As the data of the clients is stored across the remote location, they always doubt about the reliability and security of their data. To ensure the maximum confidence of the clients, even the hosting companies are striving a lot to provide the security and reliability to the client data in different forms and the key implementations with respect to this are as given below

Encryption algorithms: This is the traditional way of providing the security to the data of the clients at the remote locations. Typical encryption algorithms are implemented to ensure the identity of the users and also to eliminate the hackers using the public key and private key encryption.

Authentication: A separate set of user id and password is created to the end users who are allowed to access the client data that was maintained by the third party hosting companies and the security system implemented by the vendors always authenticate the users who tries to access the data stored at the remote location.

Authorization:  This step is mutually implemented by the clients and the service providers. A client provides the list of authorized users to the vendors in prior to store the data at the remote location and ensures that the hosting companies provide access only to these users

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