Seminar Report on Automated Teller Machine

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Automated Teller Machine:

Few years ago transaction of money was only through bank, but now everyone can withdraw the money through a machine called ATM (Automated Teller Machine). This was initially created by Luther George Simjian, he was a photographer, inventor and businessman from Turkish.

The ATM’s are the electronic devices or machines and these can be operated by customers at any time even after the working hours of bank. For using this machine the customer just need to have a savings or current account and with this the customer gets his ATM card which is a plastic card and this has a unique number and magnetic code. This code can be read by the machine easily and for operating this card the customer has to put the card in the machine and this reads the code and based on the given PIN number it authenticates the information the customer can draw money.

There are various advantages of ATM, the customer can withdraw money at any time of the day and even in night and also can draw huge amount through it. Now a days withdrawing of money can be made through any banks ATM and these are located in almost every area for convince of the customer. ATM’s also available at Bus station, Railway station etc.

ATM’s are provided near banks and even way from the banks this reduces the burden to the bank staff. Through ATM’s money can be even withdrawn from other states and some from even other countries. The latest upgrade of ATM is transferring and depositing of money can also be done through the ATM’s. This has made life easier and also time savable for the customers. 

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