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Introduction to Brain Finger Printing Technology Paper Presentation:

The existing system is the technical device which works on the scientific technique to classify whether to check that the required information is stored in the Human’s brain or not. To check it has the special standard developed machine which is fixed on the forehead to read the information in the mind of the person through machinery. This device was developed and discovered by the person named Lawrence farewell. This device gives the accurate decisions to read the human’s mind thinking. And every time the record has been very cent to cent percent every the time of process.

This device clearly comes to know the helding of the crime with an accurate guess and also done scientifically using techniques. The device is completely machined based and every time the result is displayed on the computer screen as the result of the human mind reading.

The device works like when the crime by the person is done then the data or the records are stored in the minds of the human. All this results those are stored in the system computer in the form of the stimuli which consists of images, pictures, and data. The frequency called as the p300 is the special type of frequency where the data from the human’s mind is stored in the system computers.

The hardware requirements that are necessary for the system to develop are a personal computer. A data connection board which can transfer data, a special graphics card that is supportable to the personal computer, a four channel EEG amplifier system device, a standard software which is specially developed for the testing purpose. The device also has the related applications like the Advertisements, to counter the plans of terrors, an important use in Medical use applications. The main advantage of the system is that it has a great accuracy of cent percent results.

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