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biochip seminar report

Introduction to biochip seminar report:

The biochip seminar report is about the biochip. It forms a cooperation relationship between the electronics and also the biology. The ‘Biochip’ is combination of the words Bio and Chip where the word Bio stands for the biological entity and chip in general can be a computer chip. A relationship is established between the computer and also the biological entity.

In brief it is the collection of all test sites which are arranged on a solid substrate so that all the tests are performed at the same time such that it attains high speed, accuracy and also the higher throughput.

This platform for its efficient utilization requires the technologies for processing of signal, the technology for micro array, the transduction for provide the output which are obtained for the experiments which are performed.

The biochip has “probes” which are represented as a point on the chip.  These are capable of binding the targets which are available in the samples used for testing. The transponder is capable of storing the unique id of the computer chip.

Components of Biochip Technology:

The transponder has following components Antenna Coil which is capable of receiving and sending the signals, the tuning capacitor which is use to charge which the signal being sent by the reader, the glass capsule which is being made with the help of the bio compatible material.

The applications of the biochip includes in devices related to tracking and also the identification devices in animals. Now days the applications are mostly seen for monitoring the animals in the zoo. This is possible by implantation under the skin of the animal where each one possess a unique id number.  It is capable of storing and also updating all the fields of the data, including the details of the person. 

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