Bluetooth Interactive Dance Club System Computer Project Topic for Engineering Students

Introduction to Bluetooth Interactive Dance Club System Computer Project Topic:

The project is based on the development of the Collaborative music creation system known as CodeBlue. The system consumes less cost, less power and little features of the Bluetooth technology. The system works in an amazing manner in which the dancers need to have dress integrated with the CodeBlue system possessing the Bluetooth accessible sensors which measures and the return information of the dance steps to the Bluetooth access centers situated in the presentation area that further transmits the information to the control systems.

The software changes the dance steps to the musical editing in real time, changing the melodic and rhythmic features of the music stream into theMIDIparameters. This configuration part helps the DJ to edit the output of the sensor produced music and give an idea to create different channel to provide the CodeBlue entertainment for the participants. The Project presents the architecture, design, hardware, software application of the CodeBlue. We also evaluate the development of application by the use of technology. 

The CodeBlue system is a battery operated wireless sensor system that has been incorporated in the participants dress. The sensor sends the data in the form of pressure and temperature to the wireless access points for the Bluetooth. The sensor module posses the body sensor, microcontroller and Bluetooth module. The Bluetooth access points posses the power and LAN connections which is integrated on the top of the Dance club. 

The access points transmit the data packets by the Ethernet LAN to the CodeBlue controller system. The controller displays to the Standard Musical Instrument Digital Interface orMIDIfile for different effects. 

The access points also transmits signals to the controller to display the data packets to the Standard DMX lighting controller by the MIDI to develop a visual lighting effects produced by the automated lighting instruments. The CodeBlue allows the DJ system administrator to particular GUI to evaluate the music list and effects for every sensor and program parameters. 

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