Dance Studio Web Project Synopsis


This project Dance Studio is an online website which provides a platform for all age groups to learn and excel in the most amazing and loved field called Dance. It has various famous choreographers available to train the candidates.

It also provides a safe and fun environment that allows every individual in developing skills. Here candidates are given opportunities to take part in various competitions in the studio.

It has some features like:

  • Candidates can register online for their desired dance forms.
  • It has two types of service which are at the studio and at home.
  • There is a limited number of registrations are done under each choreographer.
  • This studio also gives rewards and appreciation for all the winners and also provides a costume for all the candidates.
  • It displays calendar blocked (if two or more candidates register for the same choreographer, at the same time for different locations).

The registered candidates will receive confirmation SMS with required details of choreographer on the registered mobile number but the registration gets canceled if the candidate fails to submit the form within 30 minutes.

Hence, valuable suggestions and comments of all candidates are solicited. The feedback will certainly help us in further improving the studio in the future.

Software Requirements : JAVA, MYSQL, HTML

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  1. Good Morning Sir/Madam,

    I’m interested in this project which can be created in JAVA,MYSQL,HTML.
    Further information please reply to my email.

    Thank you.

  2. I would like to make this project and learn how to use PHP with JAVA
    Kindly provide me with further information.

  3. hello sir…
    I would like to make a project on python with database .kindly guide me how could i do such a project in my Master level.

  4. i involved in this project in my college
    please send me a full code and extra files to my mail
    please help me

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