Computer and Network Security Project Ideas

Introduction to Computer and Network Security Project:

The computer networks is the set of two or more computers which are been organized together to complete the communication by making use of the different types of the data communication protocols by means of the communication media.

As a result these specific computers will be capable of sharing the information, the programs and the data. The different types of the data communications carried out by these computers are the text data, the images, audio as well as the video.

Purpose statement and motivation

The main reason for selecting Investigation and Critical Analysis of the Effects of Various Storage Media on Computer and Network Security  specific topic is that I my self will always use the computer and its devices for different purposes. But when I stored the information by using some storage devices and I was faced with the different problems like the data loses and some of the hackers have entered into my system and corrupted my significant data.

For this reason I have decided to get more information on the security problems in the storage devices and by this research process I got an opportunity to conduct a research on storage devices with their vulnerabilities. After completing this research work I wish to provide my valuable views and ideas for the future work.

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