Electronics Project Idea on Video Security for the Ambient Intelligence

Introduction to Electronics Project Idea on Video Security for the Ambient Intelligence :

The Project is an application for the security and identification purpose by installing the video system to identify people and to track the people and movements and their counting in an intelligent building under the design of ambient intelligence or AmI.

The system is installed to work for the security purpose to get information of the visitors in the public buildings and busy routes. The computer vision technique has been implemented to evaluate and processes the video recordings that has been captured by the video camera. 

The AmI framework establishes the building an intelligent building. The Intelligent buildings consists of the Central computer system or server that regulates the sub systems like heating ventilation, HVAC systems, lighting, fire and the security systems. 

The central systems observe and keep updated by the settings of the controlled associated or sub systems for any physical changes occur to the AmI. 

The highly secured Id authentication provides the system to inaccessible from the unauthorized user. 

The very impressive function of the system is to count the people and controls the air conditioning and the ventilation. 

The system is very useful for the shopping malls, and make a comparison for the customers visiting and purchasing goods. 

The Proposed System 

The Proposed system is a concept of the use of smart sensors that are incorporated in a building to make a continuous monitoring. The smart sensors are combined in different machines to track the building. The high level nodes receive information sent by the sensors and follow the rules mentioned to develop complex information. The simple events are presented by the finite automata. The complex events are traced by the system. The integrated sensors are of two different types:

  1. The sensor for the associated multisensor to track various things and people.
  2. The sensors for counting of people. 

The Proposed System has the below processing steps.

  1. Image Acquisition
  2. Change Detection
  3. People Detection and Tracking
  4. Merge andSplit

  Download  Electronics Project Idea on Video Security for the Ambient Intelligence .

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