Club Management .Net Project

This Club Management .Net Project is having two major modules, Those are admin and member modules below:

Admin Zone

Collect and maintain the details of Member so collect some amount  from member  this amount variation is depending upon category of membership.

Then main the venture details  this detail contain the information about the plot information. Then  Allocate the plot from venture to member  then send all document  to member thru email and courier also. After that  collect money from member  this amount is different from all  because membership category and  number of plot allocated.

All amount collected from the member then only plot change to sold type . then collect  supporting document this is used for plot reservation work  then only maintain  the  plot reservation  details.

Member Zone

Member enter the reference number  as a username  and  membership number  as a password then  Document link is used to download the documents.

This document have the information about plot allotment details. After that see the  registration fee status  then see the allocated plot details with pictorial view also this pictorial view show the number  of reservation plots, number Unsale plots and number of Sold plots.

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