CSE PPT Topic on Biometrics

The existing system is the method of the people and the user that are living in this new generation. But this device or the application was used by the people of the developers from the early 20th century. These devices are configured and tested by using the various types of wheat.  This completely relates to the agriculture stream as it has a classification against wheat.

In the past years, this term biometrics was used to verify the incrementing stream of the technology that has been identified by making use of various biometric tricks. This is the identification of the each and every individual also.

The normal and the basic use of the biometric are scanning of the fingerprints, scanning of the Iris, Verification of the signature, Reorganization of the voice of the person, to draw the diagrams by hands using the geometry laws and theorems. Fingerprints technique to trace the prints of the person’s finger and keep it as the unique identity of that person.

This system was first brought into use in the 14th century and was invented in China and it used the stamped ink to work for the process. The main target of the system is to protect the device by the door locks that are generated by it.

The advantages of the system are it is very hard to keep the maintenance of the time as well as the pressure while executing the signing process. The limitations of the device are that every person has each time a unique signature at this become the changing situation of that individual till their whole lifetime.

This device at today is the primary use only so the developer does not give the full confirmation of the total successful results. This device needs a great hard work of the configuration of the fixing of the software and the hardware.

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