PPT Topic for IT Students on Bluetooth Technology

Introduction to PPT Topic for IT Students on Bluetooth Technology:

Bluetooth is a complete wireless application which is used for communication purpose and also for the data and file transfer. Bluetooth was first launched in the year 2001 and then it came of the great stage of industrial development. It was named as Bluetooth from the king named Bluetooth from Denmark.

People started making use of Bluetooth due to wireless system that has been made a replacement for the wired devices. This device is been used and supported by several of the IT companies. This device is a low power consumption application and also has a clear open source. The Bluetooth device gets connected without any of the installations or and user setup process. These devices can be easily connected to multiple devices.

A Bluetooth device makes the operation of 2.4 GHz of total frequency which is also called as the ISM called as the Industrial Scientific Medical Band. This application is completely unlicensed in several other countries. This applications works on the other wavelength of the radio frequency, Wireless local area networks abbreviated as the WLAN, several other Bluetooth scales and units and the Small noise generators which have an example called the microwave oven. The technology that is used clarify the packet system of the application is Grasping of the radio frequencies, power control is a limited way, small packets which contains some data in it.

The security factor of the Bluetooth application is very high as it provides a complete secured security to all of the radio frequency links. This security gets carried from all over one device to another. The three standard based security applications are Confidentiality, Authentication, and Authorization. Bluetooth is mainly developed to take the place of the wired communication devices. It has become a major sector of the PAN called as the Personal Area Networks. From the year 2001 to 2003 about 10 million Bluetooth devices were under active and working state.

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