CSE Paper Presentation On Biometrics

Description: The research paper CSE PAPER PRASENTATION ON BIOMETRICS speaks about Biometrics. Biometrics is the science of relating computers with the peculiar and unique characteristic traits of individuals for security and access control measures. Thanks to the film industry, Hollywood specifically that shows the face recognition or voice recognitions systems identifying a person instead of passwords. Biometrics enhances the security levels of a system. Voice recognition, facial recognition, iris and retina recognition and fingerprinting are the various biometric processes. The domain that is sver expanding and evolving vouches for the fingerprinting technique as the best of all given biometric procedures.

The technique is cost effective too besides providing the user with very accurate results. Fingerprint scanners are the most widely used biometric technology. Some companies use iris scanners and handprint readers to control physical access to restricted areas. Airports have tested facial-recognition software with mixed results. Although very effective when implemented, biometrics still has no commendable footage. Companies are still apprehensive about implementing biometric techniques. They feel that it is not easy integrating biometric components into an already full-fledged work environment. They even feel that the biometric apparatus are costly and the employees will find it difficult adapting to a new system. The statistics showing the interest of companies to launch biometrics is very pathetic. It is observed that 58% of companies do not require biometrics, 1% actually use, and 15% are still in the testing phase.

Conclusion: The research paper concludes on a note stating the many benefits of biometrics. The field is however popular in the e-world where e-transactions take place. Biometrics might replace smart cards and passwords totally in future. Fingerprinting technique of biometrics is however gaining faster recognition and implementation among its contemporaries owing to its effective and accurate results. This technique is friendly with the pocket too.

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