Biometrics CSE Seminar Topic

Description: The research paper Biometrics CSE Seminar Topic speaks about biometrics an emerging domain in the field of Computer Science Engineering. Biometrics is the procedure- in fact procedures- that heavily depend upon the human personality characteristics in providing a unique identity for providing security and access control.

It has come as a breakthrough discovery that the physical characteristics of a human being are unique and cannot  be replicated whatsoever. Owing to this specific feature biometrics can do wonders to e-transactions and other colossal businesses which work from a second to second basis and wherein there is a serious requirement of password, PINs, smart cards and other such e-accessories.

Biometrics refers to the automatic identification of a person based on his/her physiological or behavioral characteristics. This method of identification is preferred over traditional methods involving password’s and PIN numbers for various reasons: The reasons suggested in the research paper are:

  • The person to be identified is required to be physically present at the point of identification.
  • Identification based on biometric techniques obviates the need to remember a password or carry a token. By replacing PIN’s, biometric techniques can potentially prevent unauthorized access to or fraudulent use of A.T.M‘s, Smart cards, computer networks.
  • PIN‘s passwords may be forgotten, and token-based methods of identification like passwords and driver’s licenses may be forged, stolen or lost. A biometric system is essentially a pattern recognition system which makes a personal identification by determining the authenticity of a specific physiological or behavioral characteristic possessed by the user.

Conclusion: The research paper suggests on an observation that Biometric procedures are very effective and there’s no second opinion about that, it’s a fledgling domain in the sense lots of awareness has to be generated.

Companies should endorse that biometric procedures are unparalleled and they alone will regulate smoother transactions for the company

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