Biometrics in Security Seminar Topics for CSE Students 2012

Introduction to Biometrics in Security Seminar Topics:

This paper discussed about an emerging technology, Biometrics which uses human body parts as permanent password.  Improving technology helps computer systems to record, recognize the patterns, hand shapes and other physical characteristics of a human.  Biometrics provides the ability to devices to verify and identify an authenticated and authorized device user instantly.


Human beings are getting identified or authenticated by many traditional methods like using smart cards, magnetic stripe cards and physical keys. But there is a possibility of losing those keys. Forgotten passwords and lost smart cards is a severe problem for any user.

So in order to overcome the problems of traditional methods, biometrics technology is emerged as a powerful identifying and authenticating technology.  

Biometric authentication is based on the identification of human body part to a person himself is the password in biometrics. For the applications which require security, access control, and user verification, the biometric technique needs to integrate into the corresponding applications. 

Biometrics secured resources effectively with a high level of security standards along with providing convenience to both users and administrators.  Based on the physiological or behavioral characteristics of a living person, biometric systems can automatically recognize the identity of a person.  

Visible parts of the human body can consider as physiological characteristics of a person. Fingerprints, palm geometry, retina are few of the physiological characteristics. Few factors like mood, stress, fatigue can affect behavioral characteristics. What a person does can consider as behavioral characteristics of that person.  Voice-prints, signatures, handwriting are few of the behavioral characteristics.


Biometrics encounters many challenges and these challenges need to address in a planned manner.  To store and exchange data, most of the systems use proprietary techniques. Automated fingerprint imaging systems technology requires computer support to perform millions of comparisons. 

The government or industries may use this technology to monitor individual behavior. Even though biometric facing all these challenges, it is emerging as a most reliable security solution in the near future. 

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