College Vehicle Security Management System CPP Project


The purpose of this College Vehicle Security Management System project SRS is to provide a detailed description of the development and operation of the college campus in and out management. It will illustrate the purpose and complete declaration for the development of software. It will also explain system constraints, user interface, and the response of the system to any external factors. This document is primarily meant for the client, but will also be used by the developers as a scale measure to gauge the progress.

Scope of Project

This College Vehicle Security Management System project will be designed to increase the security of the college and manage who and for how much time the person can stay inside the campus. Someone should not use our campus for some kind of shortcut so someone not belonging to the college campus can enter the campus for a valid reason only and then he/she can get off the campus through the same gate he/she used to get into the campus other gates will not be opened for them to get out.

Students on college premises are only allowed to get in/out of the campus till 2:00 AM so the student who wants to get in should have some special kind of permission otherwise the student’s luggage will be checked as it should not have any kind of alcohol, etc. and then will be allowed to get into the hostel he/she will be given a special room where the student will spend his/her night and the student will not be allowed to get out after 2:00 AM till 6:00 AM.


1. Permission according to the purpose of the person to get inside.
2. Guard must be present at the gate.

Assumptions and Dependencies

1. Every person has Id either an Institute Id or a valid Personal Id.
2. Only one Admin.
3. Initially all the Institute members are inside the Institute and Non-Institute members are outside the campus.
4. Institute member’s vehicles are initially green-colored.
5. Special guests’ vehicles are registered before they have entered.
6. Guard will check the ID card very carefully.


  • Person One who wants to enter the campus
  • College Member Student, Institute Workers, Security guard, Faculty
  • Non-Institute Member Anyone not belonging to the Institute Member
  • Invalid Time Time at which a particular actor is not generally allowed to get in/out

User Characteristics

  • There are only two types of users who can use this software, and that are security guards and Admin.
  • The Security Guards will use this software to maintain and improve the security of the college campus by allowing what kind of person/vehicle will enter the campus and for what amount of time some vehicles should be allowed into the campus.
  • Guard will also define a color for the kind of Vehicle if someone’s vehicle is banned from the campus then that vehicle is marked as black listed and the guard will not allow such kind of vehicle to enter.
  • Guard will also make sure that the vehicle is only allowed to exit through the gate from which it enters the Institute except for the registered vehicles.
  • Admin can add new users, remove existing users and change their passwords.

Key features of the project

  • Non-College, same gate in and out.
  • Store all entries with real Date and Time.
  • Only Guard is allowed to do entries.
  • Admin manages guard’s account.
  • Only Admin can see all Gates entries.
  • Student’s entry on the bases of time.
  • Provide color to the vehicle.

Things that could not be implemented

  • Clear Dues of Non-College Vehicle.
  • Date for validity for Student’s Special Permission.

Visit here and download the project on College Vehicle Security Management System for reference purposes.

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