Crime Management and Reporting System Project Using Asp.Net

Crime Management and Reporting System project main idea are to implement an automated software application for the police department to maintain their data more efficiently and improve work efficiency of the department. This application is an online application which is developed in four modules.

In existing system police department use manual methods for storing data and processing criminal information which is a time taking process. 

In this system, data is maintained in the form of records which will cause changes of losing information.

In order to overcome this problem, we implement an online web application where data is stored into database and provide more secured and fast processing method. Initially different stations should register with the application and get unique user id and password. 

Then using station module they can enter entire details into the system. And other modules are crime module and search module and admin module.

Admin will look after the maintenance of the system and handle technical issues inside the application.

download Crime Management and Reporting System project Report.

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  1. my final project topic is Developing multiagent system for handling criminal cases.I need the right-up on thos topics pls.God bless u.

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