Online Crime Reporting Project in Asp.Net

Online crime reporting project software is developed for police department to reach public in a effective way and provide best service from door steps.  Comparing to existing system public should visit near by police stations to give writing complaint and wait for officials to take complaint. This process is time taking procedure. With the increase of technology and communication methods  we find many web applications which are helping users to get solutions from home. 

Online Crime Reporting Project

By developing Online crime reporting project we can computerize entire process of communication between public and police and allow features like taking complaints through online and know information of rules and regulations.

There are three main modules used in this application user who will give complaint by registering with application, administrator can be accessed only by higher officials where as department module is accessed by employees in police station.

Online Crime Reporting Forms Overview:

User Form Overview: Main form consists of user name and password to user to login if he don’t have username he should register with application.

In user form after logging in to system he can view user mail id, department mail id, subject , query . Here he should enter complaint related details and send to respective department.

User can search for registered complaints based on mail id .

Department Form Overview:  Using this form SI, DSP..etc higher officials can search for thief by entering thieve name, no of crimes, identity, reward with photo. Using these details they can know about criminal.

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