Wi-Max Technology Seminar Abstract

Introduction to Wi-Max Technology Seminar Topic:

It is the wireless telecommunication network that signals to its clients by high towers that have standard antennas. They have different modes of transmission like point to point and point to multipoint. It is the broadband service that is wireless and can be access from mobile also like moving from one place to another place just be in the network where ever you go. It is developed by the IEEE 802.16 standards.  They are just like Wi-Fi but faster than Wi-Fi. Major advantage of this network is that it has removed the limitation of the wire that was used in the broadband. It will help in rural areas and metros.

They work between 2-11 GHz frequency and speed of the data is up to 11 Mbps.Wi-max allow certification process which allows other vendor to sell their own product. We need to have small antenna at our pc or laptop to connect to the Wi-max tower. Wi-max tower non-line of sight of transmission means that lower band Wight of frequency.

Lower bandwidth frequency don’t get diffract from the path and don’t interfered by the obstacles they diffract around the obstacles. It also line of sight from fixed antennas from Wi-max tower. They can send lot of data and they generate very few errors. This sight of connection is very strong. They connect to the clients using their IP address that are provided by the ISP.

Wi-max can use spectrum both of licensed and unlicensed type depend on the countries they use. Few countries are using licensed spectrum while some not. In licensed spectrum that are divided in to three groups 2.3 GHz, 2.5 GHz and 3.5 GHz. Their main aim is to decrease the price and make the connection reach to maximum embedded devices like laptops and mobiles that are mobile and don’t remain on one place.

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