Web Technology Seminar

Seminar Title:Web Technology Seminar

There are various types of web technologies such as web 1.0, 2.0, 3.0.  In this web technology the web 2.0 is associated with the information sharing and it also allows user to interact with the internet or the users. It has many characteristic some of them are user centered design in which the web is design in such a way that they interact the user very much to it.

It also used for the appearance for the web page. It’s one of the most common example is Google which is very user cantered. Another is web as a platform this means the web is depended on any platform rather than the desktop which we used in early days. Any method can be used for accessing the internet.

Mobile web Technology 2.0:-

web technolgoy seminar

Mobile web 2.0 means using the internet from the mobile. Different Mobil devices can be used for accessing the internet. In mobile world the web 2.0 is called to be intelligent web service. We are going for the web 2.0 because of its wireless features that is most important for the mobile device. Now days the traditional for the web is changed so much the web 2.0 has become into the existence very much for its faster speed.

                        Through this web technology the use of full browsing technology has been increased due to the increase in the technology of the network.

Mobile AJAX Web Technology : –

Web technology is based on the HTTP request that will process the XML language. This also supports the java script. This technology has brought the use of the dynamic processing. It also provide high graphic to the web page.

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