Web Spam Seminar

Web spam is the thing that makes the web site corrupted. It may the website wrong rank that what it does not deserve. Nowadays the most of the people are depended on the information available on the internet. There are some search engines present on the internet that lead to the user in the wrong direction.

Web Spam Search Engines:

You have heard about the e-mail spam it is also similar to that thing. There are many search engines which fight with the web spam manually and using various techniques. The motive of the search engine is to provide the user related information for which he is searching on the internet. For this, the search engine collects all the web sites information.

There are IP and web spoofing hackers who perform spamming and they are called the spammers. All the objects in the web page may be full of spam. Most of the people think that the spam is just related to the query and it not related to the topics of the page.

Different Types of Web Spam:

There are two types of the spam present in which the first one is boosting technique in which some methods achieve the high relevance for some of the pages and the is hiding technique which is used to hide some information from the search engine.

The spam techniques are good to be understood and the statics of the spam is present for the public. It also displays the amount of the spam on the internet and also the nature of the spam that weather is limited or not. Many experiments are done for presenting the statistics of the web spam in this world and notice that the statistic is kept increasing in coming times.

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