Temperature Monitoring System Using AT89C51 ECE Project Report

Introduction to Temperature Monitoring System Using AT89C51 Project:

The proposed design is to provide industrial automation is useful for monitoring the temperature of the devices. This is a low cost circuit which is efficient for detecting the temperature changes in the industrial equipment. A microcontroller is used which monitors are the components according to the given message, with the sensed information sent from the sensors. In this paper we will discuss about microcontroller based design can regulate the temperature changes in the equipment used in industries.

Circuit design and working:

The circuit unit consists of SL100 which is a 3 pin centigrade sensor IC is connected to microcontroller unit which measures the radiations emitted from the devices. A signal conditioning circuit is used for energizing the signal coming from the sensors. Here a transmitting and a receiving circuit is used for which measures the temperature changes and sends to the transmitting room.

The temperature sensor transmits analog information so to convert it into digital information we use ADC0809. The AT89C51 microcontroller   design is advantages that it requires only less voltage for its working and it can even operate at high voltage working environment. We use a 7 segment display which gets the input from the microcontroller and displays the temperature. The keil software is very advantageous in programming flash memories. To connect the serial lines over the parallel lines we use keil software which is capable for providing serial to parallel communication. Here we use a printed circuit board and we use soldering process for fixing the hardware components.

Applications and future scope:

These kind of devices can be used in home automation systems for controlling the appliances. These have very negligible chances for the errors to occur and we can reduce usage of manpower for performing this kind of activities. These are very useful devices in industries for monitoring the sudden changes occurring in the devices.

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