Seven areas of personal growth

All the personal growth areas must be taken into consideration than only a specific area. For example a roadmap given consists of guidelines for regulating from one area to the other. Initially only six areas of growth are there but later one more is added to it. Total seven personal growth areas are given below:

  • As the mind let’s to see the world, recognizes it after that the information can be processed therefore the importance is given in case of mental growth. In case of decision making where from bad the good is separated, mind is considered as a unique. The success or failure can be determined finally based on the decisions made in life. One of the major personal development areas is mental growth in view of several people.
  • Both mental growth and emotional growth as equal importance. In case of motivation and force to move forward in the direction of succeeding and achieving the emotional growth plays an important role. The external world is ruled by one’s emotions even if they are deep-rooted. The right path can be followed if the emotions are positive whereas negative emotions lead to vain. The obtained results or consequences will be influenced by the emotions therefore these changes can be known by means of emotional growth development.
  • The improvement in the mental capabilities is made sure with the help of physical growth. These mental capabilities will be enhanced when only the body is healthy since both the mind and body are connected with each other. Enhanced focus can be made if the mind gets all the essential nutrients in turn by means of healthy body. Therefore to enhance the health, other alternatives are to be taken into consideration.
  •    Without a person the land is treated as an island. All the people try to be in contact with the other people and also to maintain the relationships. Success is acquired only when the relationship quality that is shared with people is considered as significant. For the sake of happy and usual life there is necessity for good relationships.
  • Each and every person who entered the world has some purpose and will do so.  A person will be successful in life when the actions as well as decisions that are taken by him daily are apart from the goals of life. The direction to move towards success is easy when the life purpose’s is determined.
  • In materialistic world, the spiritual growth is ignored frequently. Each and every personal growth areas are relied on the spirit; hence it is referred as a significant concept. The peak of success can be obtained when for growth and development the spirit is facilitated.
  •     Learning is considered as the final personal growth area. There is necessity to study along with the changing things therefore there is no end for education. And this follows the emotions as well as mental growth and development. Answers to every question cannot be given by any person. From the life journey which shows many obstacles and success, several experiences to go ahead are learned. The new options as well as things can not be identified if the person is a narrow-minded.

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