Areas affected by the Ecotourism development

The ecotourism development is always may leads to affect the Areas. The Areas which are like natural resources, natural attractions, Environmental degradation, economic instability, cultural distortions and excessive development.

  • Natural Sites 

Natural sites are damaged or even destroyed for the fast development of Ecotourism. The human activities also damage the natural resources. The pollution will affect the natural resources. So, next time the natural sites have nothing to attract the visitors. To overcome this, these areas are prevented by the ecotourism development. Disturbing the natural impacts along with their artificial items. Increasing the development of natural based ecotourism, economists have to spend the more economic values for the protection of natural resources. Wetlands, rain forests are the natural resources for the local community. If the natural tourism is destroyed then the local communities are also spoiled.

  • Environmental Degradation

Tourists are destroying the resources, when they are visit that places. Environmental Degradation happens in many ways like trail erosion, Trampled Vegetation, soil damage and litter. Changing the behavior of animals as migration, reproduction and eating habits. Soil damage will be occurs by the walking. Deforestation will be the one of the cause of environmental degradation. Unsustainable Agricultural, urbanization and industrialization may leads to deforestation. Pollution from the different type of vehicles, factories are affecting the environment. 

  • Economic Instability

Economic Instability will be occurs in the development of ecotourism. Natural disasters can easily destroy the infrastructure of the tourism places. That time, the tourism development spends the more money to reorganize the infrastructure. Spent the money on the public related companies instead of ecotourism. The international tourists were spending the more money rather than the local people. Ecotourism with itself having economic benefits along with their political and social benefits. 

  • Crowding 

Crowding will be the problem of both natural sites and communities in the development of Ecotourism. The communities are stay at commercial centers for a long time. The residents have to stay for a longtime to take dinner at the local restaurants. This crowd will be the nuisance for the visitors. And the international tourists were disappointed while travelling a long distance. In the ecotourism the local communities are having negative impacts. 

  • Excessive development

If many number of tourists are visit the popular location, then the local entrepreneurs will arrange the lodging, restaurant and other facilities. Ecotourism development increases the tourism services like hotels, restaurants, employees when the tourists came from other countries.  These demands will pressure on the basic services like water supply and electricity etc… it will be burden on the municipal corporation

  • Hunting of animals

Here, ecotourists use to hunt the animals for the purpose of enjoyment. It leads destruction of forest. So it leads to decrease the animals. Then it directly affects the locals. Here the people also use to export the animals skin and ivory to various countries without knowing of locals people.

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