Personal Identity Management ASP.Net Full Project

Personal Identity Management ASP.Net project is used to store Personal information like passwords and files. 

Only authorized user can login into the system and he/she can store the data. Something like a personal data vault.

Nowadays to access any site we have to provide user name and password, for remember different sites our personal usernames and passwords is very difficult and we may forget a lot of times these credentials.

Then we have to register once more with new login id or we have to recover the password. For avoiding this type of problems this site provides solution, on this site you can store the passwords and login names.

If u forget anytime login name and password then you have a chance to collect the user name and passwords from this site. Here updating of login name and password also provided.

Generic Technology: Database, User Interface, Programming

Specific Technology: Asp.Net 3.5, C#.Net, MS SqlServer-05

Project: Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing

SDLC: Presentation, Business Object, Data Access Layer

Personal Identity Management ASP.Net final year project full documentation and source code.

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