Personal Assistant Project in Asp.Net

Personal assistant project is a simple web based application developed in Asp.Net programming language. Personal assistance will help individual user to create account and manage personal details like phone numbers, address book, send mails , set reminders for important dates, fix dates for meetings..etc. Personal Assistant Project

Personal Assistant Project Introduction:

With the use of internet is growing in a fast pace most of the work is done through web there are many applications which are helping users to solve problems in day to day life. Personal assistant is one among these application which will help users to manage all personal details in a single account and use this application on move. When ever user want to update any new reminders or contacts can use this application.  Main advantage of this application is we can  use it from any location and we can see out important reminders and contacts from any location.

Functional Components:

There are mainly two users admin and user who can access this application. Admin will be primary user who can manage all back end details and delete old records or user records if required. Admin should first register with application and get user name and password to access account. User is the normal personal who wants to use all features of this application should register with application by providing personal details like user name, contact details, and login details. After user creates his account a personal page is created with personal features like setting page for updating or modifying personal details, add contacts to address book, add birth days and anniversary dates, write and check notes, update or delete appointment details..etc.

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  1. the backup file for personal assistant is not restoring properly in sql2012.
    i guess the backup file is got crash

    would u plz tell me how to restore that backup file

    waiting for answer

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