Personal Organization System Project in Java

Personal organization System Project in Java is synchronization software which is designed to update information between personal computer and office data store.  In order to sync data this software must be available in personal system and office data store.

Personal organization System

Personal Organization System Project Purpose:

                Personal organization is specially designed to software employees and companies for helping employees to be in contact with happenings in office even if he is working from home. Data available with employee will sync with office data so communication will be easy. This application works on internet.

Project Advantages:

Cost of the project is less and provides effective solution for data synchronization.

Using this software company can increase productivity and help employees to work from home.

Communication between offline and online team will be effective.

Existing System:

For every company scheduling is the important process where communication between high level team and low level team is maintained. In this process there is process of fixing appointment between employees and high level team which is a time taking process. In order to solve this problem this new method is introduced.

Proposed System:

Using this system communication between different position employees will be increased. There is no manual work entire process is done using software.

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