Introduction to Wireless Charging Of Mobile Phones Using Microwaves Seminar Topic:

The fact that mobile phones work on batteries makes them vulnerable to charging once the batteries get drained. The rate at which batteries drain depends on the manufacturers of both batteries and mobiles. Batteries get drained as we talk, how it would be if we reverse this process. Using microwaves mobile phone can be recharged.

The mobile towers transmit microwave with the message/data signal. These microwaves can be used to charge the mobiles by using a guided antenna at a frequency of 2.45 Mhz, sensor, Rectenna and a filter circuit which can be fitted to the regular handset. With this setup the phone automatically gets charged as you talk.

Microwaves are most suitable for data transmission because they can penetrate any obstacles and in all weathers. Microwaves are used in remote sensing, data transmission from space, communication industry and cooking. These radiations are sometimes considered as harmful. We use S band spectrum which is license free and reserved especially for industrial, scientific and medical purposes and also for Bluetooth and wireless LAN.

Magnetron is a device which uses both magnetic field and electric field is produced perpendicular to each other thereby magnetic field is constantly applied along the axis of the device.

A rectenna is a special type of rectifying antenna which converts microwave energy into DC current. We can achieve 90% efficiency using this antenna. This antenna can be constructed by placing a schottky diode between dipoles of antenna. A sensor simply senses when a mobile is used for talking.

The advantages are elimination of different types of chargers; one microwave transmitter serves all service providers in that area and recharging of mobiles without any wires. Few disadvantages are ill effects on human body and not much advancement in practical implementation commercially. 

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