Mobile Computing Seminar Material

Introduction to Mobile Computing Seminar Topic:

It is one of the interesting topic of all called the mobile computing. As these days by the growing population the no of mobile user costumers are also increasing day by day. Many users require the access and grab the advantage of the internet services. So a device named the Mobile Computing is been launched in the markets which helps in the quick transmissions, data and packets interceptions which also boost the performances and the set of rules of the computing system.

This device works on the wireless connections by a wire line structure. Mobile computers can be fortunately having various challenges like connection between the host of the mobile and the base stations. Here the cartography of the base networks changes rapidly. The bandwidth is also limited and also variables. The current power available to the mobile computer is also in limited period only.

The working of the mobile computing fully depends on the internet and a fixed host like if there are two mobile devices cell1 and cell2 which are already connected to the base stations these base stations are then connected to the internet and then the internet connection with all other connection is connected to the single Fixed Host.

There are various approaches of the mobile computing namely the Quick re-transmission  Data interceptions, Packet interceptions etc… Quick retransmission aims at the connection or the communication that disconnects that of the fixed mobile Hosts.  The second approach makes some conclusion of the process. The third approach improves the process performances that went incorrect during the running processes.

 These three approaches can be made to improve the performances from an end to end between the mobile computers and the fixes host following the internet services too. This data packet fully supports the mobile computing without any disturbances in the internet services. It also keeps the maintenance of the functions that happens partly. 

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