Perfect Market Segmentation Strategy MBA Report

In general with the implementation of market segmentation the core business value of the organizations is increased and in this context when the marketing managers were asked regarding the role of market segmentation towards the student enrollments, one of the marketing head replied that, “With the perfect market segmentation strategy we can get more enrollments as we mainly focus on the key courses which were liked by the students like Information Systems and Managment”.

It can be understood from this statement that when the academic institutions can implement the segmentation marketing strategies they can gain more admissions and also attract a particular group of students against their level of courses being implemented and also attract the students who are really interested in technology related subjects.

When the same question was asked to one of the marketing head he replied that, “With segmenting the marketing we will make sure that each and every strategy will ensure some enrollments and we concentrate on the core areas preferred by a group of students which include their preferred course and also provide scope to develop their research skills for the students who are interested”.

From this statement it is clear that the main aspect they considered while segmenting the market across the education business is that they concentrate more on the student preferences and also gain their preferences like research and development into the required enrollments.

Thus from this analysis it is clear that when the private academic institutions can concentrate on the special group of students in terms of their preferences and interests and provide the same they can easily gain the market segments and convert them to the enrollments and thus increase the overall business value. 

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