Market Segmentation and Market Positioning Strategies MBA Report

Market segmentation and market positioning strategies: 

Market segmentation and market positioning plays an important role in education marketing and in this context there are many aspects to be considered before segmenting the market and also finding an appropriate position in the market and in this context the administrative officers are interviewed and the corresponding findings are given in this section.

When one of the admin was asked regarding their strategies to attract the local students, he replied that, “We reach the rural students at their entrance exam level and market ourselves by conducting campaigns and make them aware of the situations in academic private institutions”. From this statement it is clear that most of the institutions mainly focus on the rural students and communicate with them at the entrance exam center level and also conduct the campaigns and promote themselves.

When the same question was asked to one of the admin he replied that, “We mainly promote ourselves at the rural place by conducting campaigns and also distributing the broachers’ to the rural students, as we can’t reach them with the latest marketing trends”. From this statement it is clear that, when the institutions can follow the traditional way of marketing they can easily reach the rural students as well they are bit far away from the latest trends in the marketing like internet marketing. From this analysis it is clear that reaching the rural students comes under the market segmentation and also market positioning and if they are implemented on the right way they can be converted into ample enrolments easily.

Segmenting the market include attracting the students from different segments and implementing a separate strategy across these segments and in this context all the academic institutions should focus on a mix of traditional and latest marketing strategies. It is observed that there are some traditional marketing strategies that are not really useful these days and when one of the administrative officers was asked regarding this he replied that, “There are no such aspects expect focusing the price to market ourselves as there is no scope to decide the price as it is common for all the academic institutions these days”. From this statement it is clear that almost all the marketing strategies are useful and they can bring the admissions for the academic institutions.

When the same question was asked to the other admin he replied that, “Most of our students are from rural areas and I think there is no use of internet and online marketing for us and only the traditional ways of marketing can do this”. From this statement it is clear that segmentation plays a very important role across the enrolments and the institutions should only focus on the capabilities of the market segment and then implement the corresponding strategy to gain the enrolments and the best example for this is that focusing on the internet marketing strategies is really useless for attracting the rural students. 

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