Role of Market Segmentation Positioning and Market Mix on Student Enrollment

Role of market segmentation, positioning and market mix on student enrollment:

Apart from the marketing strategies being implemented by the private academic institutions in India there are some key aspects like market segmentation and positioning that can completely change the phase of the marketing in education. Both the marketing heads are interviewed in this context and the key findings are given in this section.

When one of the marketing head was asked regarding this market segmentation he replied like “We adopt the market segments when it comes dividing the academic contents and try to attract students with similar interest in a particular course and we try to expose the required expertise in this context”. From this statement it is clear that segmenting the market across the education business involved more complexity as it is really a tough job to gather the students under common preferences and it is only possible with the case of courses being offered across the institutions.

When the same question was asked to one of the marketing manager he said that, “Market segmentation has a significant role across the education marketing and we try to segment the market in terms of different courses we offer and conducting technical presentations to attract a separate group of students”. From this statement it is clear that segmenting the market across education business should target special students who are interested towards in special areas like different courses and other activities like technical presentations.

From this analysis it can be understood that market segmentation is implemented by most of the private academic institutions in India and they feel like dividing the courses and conducting some external events tries to segment the market and attract a special group of students. 

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